What’s in your spray bottle…

Dr. Brown’s Healing Water is the best water for your spray bottle -pure form or added to your distilled or spring water mixes.

Notice I did not include tap water. Why? Because you could be in an area that has high amounts of calcium chloride naturally occurring in the water which is salt -that dries out hair and skin. Salt has its place- that place is certainly not your hair (unless you want to flatten and possibly damage your kinks curls or ringlets so they are lifeless)
So what’s in your spray bottle?

Try making some tea and using it as your spray for your hair by adding Dr. Brown’s Healing Water structurally enhanced water – we are all getting great results with it at Ahava Felicidad Hair and Body. The best water I’ve found to date and keeps working progressively when taken daily internally and sprayed often.
You will find that your styling products work better -they can actually do what they are meant to do on hydrated strands.

Add some essentials to your homemade mix like geranium for toning your scalp and providing a sense of courage; ylang ylang for balancing out those sebaceous glands that could be overactive; lemon for cleansing and clarifying: juniper for oily scalp and hair and spiritual grounding with self esteem boosting qualities through its aromatherapy… I can give you so many more.
Consult with me 973-619-2855 for your personalized regimes and product recommendations.

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Ahava Felicidad Hair and Body
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Montclair is Ahava’s hometown, birthplace and Headquarters location for holistic natural care and styling
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Also experience Felicidad Hair Sugar for scalp clearing cleansing clarifying moisturizing and more for your hair and body. Bonheur Felicidad pictured above is available as a Renaissance experience upgrade to your session and is a client exclusive.


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