Date Night Hair November 2016 #5


This week’s date night hair requires a few hours 2 1/2-4 hours of hair healing and commitment to yourself so you can style this looks through 3-7 weeks of dates…

Cascading Senegalese Crochet and you style this in many ways- simplicity buns at the nape of your neck, goddess braid your crown, french twist, tuck and roll…



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Date Night Hair November 2016 #4

Thanks and Giving! Thanksgiving we always fill to the max…reserve your session early and ahead.

How many date night styles have you tried so far?

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Individual twists with added hair give versatility, style and flair.

Wear it for 4 -6 weeks and style at least 4 ways- we’ll show you a bunch and get you ready for your date brunch!

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Views on Felicidad Hair Sugar #1

The HairView:

“While applying and using Ahava’s ‘Felicidad Hair Sugar Coconut Lemon Cake’ I immediately noticed the slick, smooth, and healthy spring back to life feeling of my hair. I’m able to use the hair sugar as a co-wash and no conditioner … After rinsing …my hair, it was very manageable and full of beautiful healthy curls. The love Ahava puts into the Felicidad Hair Sugar restores my hair to the rich thickness it should be. I love the rich quality of life the Felicidad Hair Sugar brings back to my hair. Thanks Ahava for making a product that actually makes a difference.” From K. Rodgers



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Date Night Hair! November 2016 #3

We keep going and going and going! Three is a charm – We have a triple play for you!

Follow us on the journey and join us on the journey of date night hair…


Twist out the middle and the front for a whole new look—Set on Wednesday-Twist Out on Friday Saturday or Sunday

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