Hydration is the key to better performance #3

Hydration is the key to better performance with your products 

Better results 

Happier hair and skin (your bodies largest organ!) 

Adding one of top recommended “Other People’s Products” from the Ahava Approved and Assured list will give your base products a much needed boost. 

Add Dr. Brown’s Healing Water Structurally Enhanced hydration water to your body mist sprays and notice the difference in just a week – or your money back from Ahava Felicidad Hair and Body. We trust that consistent use of natural products that are right for you – will work but however it’s important to remember that optimal results come with continued use for most good things to bear fruit. 

Ahava Felicidad Hair and Body 

Montclair NJ USA 



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Always recruiting #jointeamnaturiotic 

Arabella’s Consult 

At Ahava Felicidad Hair and Body families come to have a peaceful, enlightened experience in learning more about how to naturally care for hair scalp and body.

We talk about natural ingredients and of course un-natural or chemical ingredients to look out for -well really just avoid all together.

Some environments are too over stimulating for sensitive children and adults. We offer the right balance for the needs for families who aren’t looking for the amusement park trip for hair healing.

Little ones come already cleansed after parents have consulted, are trained and comfortable with what to do and use at home. On-going tips and guidance are provided and sometimes additional consults are requested for the next level of information on wellness.

See Arabella and Kimberly here after consulting and care in a relaxing session that was all mom needed it to be.

Thank you!


18 Reasons to Choose Ahava Felicidad

  1. Ahava is radiant and will help you with your inner and outer glow.

2. Ahava is a work in progress – just like you unnamed

3. Ahava loves your natural hair, possibly more than you you do…

“By following your advice, my hair has never been fuller, my curls have never been more defined and my scalp has never felt better. Thanks Ahava!” Lisa R. Montclair. NJ

4. Ahava created Ahava Felicidad Hair and Body to address your natural needs

Dear Ahava,
Thank you so much for your email.  We really appreciated the information that you shared with us.  We have purchased the products that you recommended, and we love the sugar scrub (so wonderfully fragrant and hydrating)!  We both noticed a difference in our hair with the first washes that we each did.
Thank you so much for your guidance and support!

Happy New Year!

Debbie and Jordy

5. Ahava is your favorite holistic practitioner-specializing in natural hair

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6. Ahava understands your mixed hair

Twists and Braids back.jpg

7. Ahava understands your kinky hair


8. Ahava understands your need to know how to maintain your hair at home



9. Ahava offers Classic and Renaissance services


10. Ahava offers packages that help naturals win at the hydration game

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11. Ahava knows your lifestyle makes a difference on your hair journey

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12. Ahava loves chocolate (definitely a reason to choose her)

Decadence Indulgence Hair Sugar: chocolaty!


13. Ahava works with teens, caregivers and their natural hair and body care (big one here ladies and gents!)

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14. Ahava can help you with life balance through having healthy hair

15. Ahava loves to mix and make for your natural hair

16. Ahava created Felicidad Hair Sugar so your hair can grow like it should



17. Ahava does what she says she does and uses what she says she uses -natural products and processes (go figure)


18.  Ahava has triumphed over some huge life obstacles in health and weight challenges and can help you do the same  (ask her about it in session) Having been over 185 lbs and lost the over 60lbs that would slow her down and threaten her longevity here on earth (where she has a lot left to do) she is a great go-to for the real deal on easy ways to live naturally and still enjoy life.

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Ahava Felicidad Hair and Body

-Ahava Felicidad-

Creator of Felicidad Hair Sugar and Ahava Felicidad Concept

for hydrating & growing hair

Retail and Workshops – Events – Consulting – Training in Montclair NJ USA and beyond #beyondregular #shockinglysweet #fancyfree # thankfulthinking

201-921-9894 or 973-619-2855

New Team Members joining … join the journey in sales, marketing, business admin and hair care. Find out more about what we have to offer by scheduling an interview – send resume, portfolio and letter of interest – holistichairhealer@gmail.com or ahavamgmt@gmail.com



Robert Fiance – West New York NJ #119

Another exciting time doing the demo, recruiting and getting the word out about Felicidad Hair Sugar for the kinky curly wavy and straight!

Had a great time and going back really soon –  can’t get enough of sharing the experience and enlightening hearts and minds.

Special thanks out to Ms. Brito who was there to do my Spanish translations so I could flow in English- I only spoke a little Spanish and loved the team work.  I love it! – it would have taken me longer to do all of both so thank you!

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Ahava Felicidad – Creator of Felicidad Hair Sugar – The World’s Only Hair Growing Sugar custom blend line


“Makes your kinks coil, curls pop, your wavy swavy and your straight hair stronger!”

201-921-9894 to demo, join the team, reserve for extension services, get links for ordering or find out about coming to 4 hours at #4 Open Studio Store hours.

ahavamgmt@gmail.com  to be added to the email list, holistichairhealer@gmail.com to apply.

Happy Healthy Hair and Body


Coconut Lemon Cake The Gel #345

Sharon loves our CLC – Coconut Lemon Cake not only offered as a custom blend signature Felicidad Hair Sugar… 

It’s a gel! 

Definition for kinky curly and some curly curlies- made with all natural ingredients – no petroleum, petrolatum, petro, no mineral oil, no DMDM hydantoin, no artificial colors or flavors, free of sodium hydroxide (the chemical in relaxer that does not belong in your products) 

Just aloe, oils, sugar, essentials, Ormus (from Radiant Ormus Hair Serum) and loads of love and other positive virtues.

All this plus it’s #sweet to touch and smell—– works really really well. 

Try it Buy it on our etsy page


Results are Fantastically Felicidad! 

Visit our signature line blog and buy everything you love in the line today—


 Hey mommies! 2 strand flat twisting workshops for you #36

Register today and twist you and your girls hair worries away!

Missed the first one? It’s okay we’ll start you off and catch you up and then you can add your third workshop later.

Find us on eventbrite  under two strand flat twisting workshop New Jersey  


We practice until you get it, with methods that ensure you can do this – left and right hand guidance


Ahava Felicidad Hair And Body

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