Do you blow out hair?

I love this question because it’s all about how your hair is when you come in for a consult. Many of you are contacting us for options in wearing your hair in its most natural state with a goal of having softer more manageable hair, no more breakage, and thickening the entirely too thin areas that worry you. 

So – yes – your hair will be assessed and there is a great likelihood you wil need several deep treatments – Classic Deep – to strengthen your strands to withstand a blowout. 

Now keep in mind – the blowout is one step and ceramic pressing is another- this in an additional step in furthering the straightening process which for some can be damaging over time.  Everyone’s hair is different so in a consult we cover your options and talk about bounce back. 

This was an easy light blowout and twist which will give this client a totally different look than if she had her wet & moist classic 2 strand individuals. 

High density- high porosity- kinky curly hair – beautiful! 

Just a peek — so check back for more on her journey —  


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Transitioning in Corporate America is…

a topic that comes up often when clients who are relaxed want to go natural. Here is a style that can be worked from the board room to the racquetball courts to the market with ease, easy maintenance and healthy scalp – all while the relaxer grows out! 

The term relaxer used to reflect chemical straightening of natural growth hair instead of the word perm which makes straight natural hair curly.


Thank you for your support of the chemical free natural movement for the kinky, curly, wavy and straight #naturalswhowantmore know that we are the last stop on the journey for answers to all of your pressing questions. Evolving, enlightening, empowering, everlasting – Ahava Felicidad Hair and Body 

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Happy Healthy Hair and Body 


DBHW w/Ahava Your Hair Open Forum June 2015 (1)

Since January 2012 we’ve been meeting up and talking about natural hair and body care, styling and offering mini consults with me because everyone wanted to have a way to connect out in the open and meet in person – whether for more information about coming to the studio, to get a head start in meeting me before coming in and find out about joining the team.

Last weeks open forum which we often to refer to as a meetup was the usual buzz with naturals coming from my talk at International Natural Hair Meetup Day – pics will post to and Facebook as well as gallery share here on the blog soon.

Now to our feature pic:

We did the drawing for last weeks winners while at the Cultural Heritage Festival in Maplewood, NJ where we saw some more naturals from INHMD – shout outs to Daphne and Brittany!


The winners of last weeks giveaway are Fajr and Ashley of LovingOurLook.

We also have giveaways every week after and sometimes at the forum. As much as we can we post winners on Twitter, IG and Facebook – just remember every natural is a winner at Ahava Felicidad Hair and Body where many of our care and styling packages come with product bonuses like our PB&J Classic Deep and Style package. Find out more by reserving to come in for your exclusive experience.

Last but not least check out the naturals above on their blogs:

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Happy Healthy Hair and Body



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Love Your Hair Co-Wash 


To find out more about what this is and why you should use it: 

Come see me on the panel at International Natural Hair Meetup Day at Montclair State University – Saturday May 30th 4-5pm – actual event 3-7pm.

Of course you can also come to the studio for a consultation by reservation or Montclair Panera Bread for a free mini consult on a Thursday. 973-619-2855 or 201-921-9894 

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Princess Miriam 

Happy hydrated heads with kinks coils curls wavy and swavy. 

When your girls come to Ahava Felicidad Hair and Body they learn so much about themselves through their hair and its care. 

Whether it’s reserved sessions or hair studios and programs for teens we’ve got something for everyone on the journey. 


Just a peek inside a session of #classicdeep & style 

Mixing her own styling cream – Andalou Naturals with Poland Spring a and Dr. Brown’s Healing Water. 

Shake until just right – she tested her own – and I helped – then it’s ready to work through her hair. 

Our results: happy 2 strand flat twists with mini buns inspired by a picture she searched for herself online. 

Come #hairheal #steadilyexpand be #fancyfree and #shockinglysweet with us 

Happy Healthy Hair and Body 




Bountiful Bantu Knot sets 

Whether you are naturally new, seasoned for a few, or transitioning under a year – Bantu knot sets could work very well for creating some fun, fancy free looks. 


Some of you – all textures and nationalities – will rock the style a while – others twist out the next day-

Call to reserve 973-619-2855

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Locs Transitions 1

So you think you want to transition out of your Locs? There are options for you just like those inner reflecting naturals waiting to burst out of the relaxer/texturizing/keratin treatments. Your options will have everything to do with your hair texture, density, length and type and as equally important your lifestyle. 

Your hair journey is about the whole you. All the parts of the puzzle that lead you to your decisions on who to style with, what ways to style, where to style, when to style and why to style. That sentence courtesy of the educator in me.  

Back to the basics. If you are ready to grow out your Locs you can do things like deep treatment monthly or more often, 2 strand twist, 3 strand twist, in some cases cornrow, in some cases 2 strand flat or even 3 strand flat. These options based too on the number of Locs and how they are laid out on your fabulous head to have a nice look that you will be happy with. 

Maybe you are just not ready to part with your length. I will give you the gentle honest truth about the journey to transition and we here at Ahava Felicidad Hair and Body will walk the journey with you. 

I have so much more to say but the editor in me is telling me to go ahead and post a pic for you to see. Come back and read more later. Subscribe – Follow on Twitter @ahavafelicidad – check Instagram monthly for what you missed – follow on YouTube – Ahava Felicidad The Holistic Hair Healer… 

This just in from Peggie’s transition – just cut 2 more inches last week- transitioning with 2 strands and braids – next will be an updo- then a custom loc extension square. 



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