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When it comes to locking hair, I am strong believer in technique and not relying heavily on product. Many people want quick results in eager anticipation of wearing their lovely locked styles and are willing to try almost anything. Stylists want to give those quick results and they end up doing what I call “plastering the hair together” rather than letting it lock naturally as it will eventually do anyway. I compare it “plastering” because of the dependence of the product to lock the hair rather than maintenance techniques.

Why you don’t need tons of product. A majority of the clients who sit in my chair for locs will have some sort of curl or wave pattern (I will discuss locking straighter and resistant hair textures in another post). This type of hair naturally forms some type of helix. The job of the stylist is the aid the matting process of…

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Chelsea’s Natural Journey – 3 Strand Twists #1

Chelsea is transitioning to natural but you may not be able to tell because the texturizer she has loosened her curl just enough to allow for ease in styling. Now on the natural journey with Ahava Felicidad Hair and Body – with 50% natural new growth and 50% relaxed ends Chelsea is exploring twist out and braid out styling to grow her hair and get more elongation.

3 strand twists are twists for sure – not braids under another name. The third strand in the twist gives more lift and definition – more curl – not the loose wave of a 2 strand. I’ve been creating and designing 3 strands since 2007 and many of my natural clients have textures that respond well to the twist out pattern of this windmill-like technique.

I teach this technique and do this technique. Ask me more about it in a seminar, consultation, workshop or at the weekly meetup in Montclair, New Jersey. Call for more info. and to reserve at 973-619-2855

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Moms and Sons 1

Bring your kinky curly wavy swavy selves and sons for the best regime advice and care in the #hairuniverse with Ahava Felicidad Hair and Body.

We now offer classic cleanses and curly cuts for boys and men (ages 8 and up) guidance for families on the natural journey with hair and body still ongoing…

One of our favorite celebrity moms and her son.
Garcelle Beauvais

Easy care options for getting the best results and custom blends for clients and friends.

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Mix and Make 1

2-3 tbsp of oil or butter -like mango, cocoa butter, olive, Shea, coconut oil or safflower grapeseed or sunflower- pour 2-3 caps of DBHW, pour 1-2 oz of boiling hot water and stir. Apply to body neck down. Make it sensual by adding ylang ylang essential oil, tangerine and sweet orange. 15-30 drops per ounce of liquid, oil or water.

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The Montclair Experience with Ahava Felicidad Hair and Body

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“Balancing the Universe One Natural Head at a Time”
Ahava Felicidad


Reducing Hair Loss 1

Hi all! Check this out and scream and shout – “I want Ahava to be my hair healer!”


Fidelia joined the journey with Ahava Felicidad Hair and Body in December 2014 after having met me and watching my video on How to Take Out Braids Always. Now this video is not done with a model. It was just me talking about the process because I was moved to record and was not in session.

When Fidelia got such great results with the least amount of hair loss and shedding ever from extensions removal she knew it was time to see me.

When you are a client of Ahava Felicidad Hair and Body you learn how to do more with your natural at home because this is what you asked me to provide for you. It’s built in to our structure so you are empowered in and out of studio.

Hair heal and style with education.

The picture shows two balls of hair. One is what Fidelia brought in to show me from her own cleanse and the other is what we saw in studio.

This means she is doing a great job at home with topical care and attention to internal health and wellness.

8″ and growing (already 1/2 + all around from first session)

Thanks for reading and come back again soon!

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Letting Go Again

It’s Fancy Free Friday and LaNa has let go of another 2 inches!

Her 7 yr old daughter asked her “Mommy, are you cutting your hair again? If you keep doing that you’re going to be bald.”
We laughed about that because she still has to learn what it means to transition. So we just talked about her having that conversation with her daughter to explain this new journey.

In this we see that when you have children and you are locced their energy is also infused in those tresses. They are also used to seeing you in a certain way and something that seems simple like a cut can make you unfamiliar in a way. Something is missed but now there is room for the new.

7 yr old Jesana made jokes about the loc cut – she is a comedian in her own right. See this because it had me LOL….


Here she is with 5 of the cut Locs that she took out of the “brown bag it” bag that loc clients often leave holding.

Here is LaNa with more of her 23 year story released. If you see her out and about in NJ give a big smile.



Last but not least, the baby who is three and seemed to be a little sad at the first release because she used to hold & tug those locs on a regular basis for comfort and fun.
Here she is being her cutest self:


Newest in the Felicidad Signature Line


Public, Client Exclusive and Member Pricing on Decadence Indulgence

$25 for Clients –
Coconut Lemon Cake Perfume oil – 100% organic and natural, biodegradable, recyclable, reusable glass and a scent that will make everyone want to be right next to you because you smell so good.

Coconut Lemon Cake now available as Felicidad Hair Sugar -it’s the original first hair sugar -born 2011-used in sessions only and now you can use it at home too! Custom packaging for exclusive clients.

Coconut Lemon Cake also comes as an 8oz oil blend, black soap cleanser/spray, gel (clients only) and conditioner (clients and Felicidad Hair Sugar Specialists only).