Ahava’s Abundant Answers #1

My answer to a client who told me about the itching she has been experiencing since having started the process of transitioning to natural with me and my practice of sugar scrubbing the scalp to exfoliate dead skin cells.

Client: “I’ve been patting and gently scratching. I’m getting residue under my nails when I scratch…like dirt. Is that just the dead skin cells lifting?

Ahava’s Abundant Answer: “…combination of product and chemical residue and dead skin cells. Every day a new layer of skin forms on our body which includes our scalp. You’ve had years of peeking without lifting dead skin plus environment, products, genetic makeup and perm. Transitioning is different for everyone so doing it this way just takes longer in lifting based on styling. Essentially you could use scalp exfoliating daily or weekly & things would lift faster but it’s lifestyle & hairstyle. Each cleanse gets better & I use products & techniques to keep lifting. It’s not time for me to recommend a full scalp exfoliation because I don’t see where all your major areas are yet. We do this lightly & gently, consistently-it’s like peeling layers of an onion or tree root even. This is all that was hidden in your hair & scalp from not being cleansed & exfoliated. It was just covered by product or masked by oils and building up on your hair & scalp. It will take time & patience.”

This was said to my client about her transition and the lifting & itching happening in her scalp. If dead skin cells block hair growth, they also block the absorption of natural oils that would otherwise penetrate into the hair follicle, such as olive oil does. Depending on the type of perm you’ve had, chemical products you have used or may still be using, time for scalp healing varies. I can intuit on the needs and work my magic with massaging, exfoliating, using natural products, high quality therapeutic essentials oils, structured water for hydration (Dr. Brown’s Healing Water) and love for your crowning glory.

Contact me for your hair healing session, consultation or event participation by calling (973) 619-2855. All sessions are by appointment in advance – most times a week or more based on the schedule of other naturals on the journey with you. Lifestyle regimes and recommendations are a part of the services and your hair health and wellness are paramount.


Felicidad Hair Sugar blends available on special request for a hair healing service.

You can request Coconut Lemon Cake, Bonheur Felicidad or Osaze to be used in the session and leave with a sample of the hair sugar for at home exfoliating with your co-wash.

Custom intuitive hair sugar blends are mixed in session with natural carrier oils, Simplers and/or Young Living essential oils and organic cane sugar.



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